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New Year - New Name

January 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Wow - we're changing our name..! CALM LogoCALM Logo

But why, I hear you ask... Well, when we became 10stop Photography in 2010, we were geared towards training for people interested in photography. Many photographers know that a 10 stop filter is something you use to get a long exposure, which calms a rough sea or makes dreamy clouds in the sky - ideal in Landscape Photography. It was (and still is) a great name for our business as it was then, but we've changed over time and 10stop is no longer fitting the bill. We do lots of wedding photography each year (and family portraits, cake smash's, new born etc. etc) and we get a lot of feedback from brides, grooms and parents commenting on how relaxed we are, how they felt no pressure and how 'calm' we appear when all around is panic.  

If you stop and think about it, this is a big deal - so much risk.. Will our wonderful customers follow us? Will they know how to find us in the future? Will we loose our place in the Google Rankings?? So much to consider...

Something we haven't had to ask ourselves - will this affect the quality of our work, or the relationship we have with our customers? These were easily answered with a big fat 'NO"..!

A name change won't affect our work - still high quality, value for money, no hidden costs or gimmicks and always two photographers for the cost of one..! When we meet our customers, we introduce ourselves and Chris and Libby Middleton, so they already know our name. It took us quite a while to figure out the initials spell CALM (Chris And Libby Middleton) - as Chris said, 'Why didn't we see this sooner???"

So here we are - the new name is CALM Photography - bear with us while we change everything over - website, bank, Facebook, emails etc.etc. We will point anything 10stop towards CALM for quite sometime, so you can still reach us via email or the website going forward.

Oh and look out for some special offers coming your way... It's party time - time to celebrate and we want to do that with you..!

Chris & Libby x


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