CaLM photography Shropshire | 10stop Workshops 23rd May 2014

10stop Workshops 23rd May 2014

June 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well summer is in full swing and I imagine cameras all around the country are gathering some great images.

At 10stop We like to think that we help people understand their cameras and how to think more creatively when taking their photos.  From the initial capture to the post processing and improving.

Tomorrow night a mini field trip to Ightfield Church will enable participants to think about what they can do creatively within such a lovely tranquil part of Shropshire, whilst others will be able to get more in depth knowledge of Editing Images.

We both went to see an inspiring presentation by the renowned photographer Charlie Waite at the weekend.  Even though the M5 to Worcester was very stop start, the journey was well worth it.

Something that struck a chord with both of us was regarding Integrity.  Capturing the moment as you truly saw it.  Also, I think, this also goes a long way in not just the lengths you are prepared to go to get the awe inspiring image, it is also about how you create art from an image you captured and how far you are prepared to go beyond the truth..!!

Charlie has a exhibition running from the 23rd June at the National Theatre London.  If you are around it would be well worth taking a look..  Otherwise take a look here.  



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