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Hawkstone Follies Field Trip

March 15, 2014  •  1 Comment

What an amazing day we had..! Our Field Trip to Hawkstone Follies was a most enjoyable day out with a great group of likeminded people. 

We arrived at 10 and were lucky enough to get a lift to the caves in the Hawkstone Land Rover. The weather was very kind to us all - not too hot, not too cold and sunshine at just the right monuments. 

Following the idea's on the cards handed out at the very start, everyone took the opportunity to use their skills and improve their camera techniques. 'Wide angle', 'telephoto', 'reflections' and 'texture' were all guides to get people thinking about what they were taking and how. In the caves, low light photography was a challenge to many. 

After an hour or so exploring the caves and stunning views from the far side of the site, we had lunch then took a very steady walk back towards the 'Greenhouse', where our day began. Stopping off by The Column, several fitter souls took the many stairs to the top to get an even better view. Rowland Hill has never been so photographed - a great opportunity to introduce 'perspective' from the idea's card.

Huge thanks go to Hawkstone Follies for their support and making this a great day to remember.

Hawkstone Follies Field TripA 'Grand' Day Out


from Liz(non-registered)
Thank you for letting me go along. Had a great day.
See you all soon
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