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Drayton Arts Fest - Sunday November 2nd

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Well its all over and what a great weekend we had.  After another couple of hours getting images onto the website we popped in to see the Big Draw at Fordhall Farm and saw the output of some great drawings depicting the countryside.

The spectacle of the afternoon was the Pop Up Choir at the Methodist Church.  What a great afternoons entertainment of which the participants must be very proud.  For the short amount of time they had been rehearsing the quality of the sound was fantastic.  Well done to Ken for whipping them into shape. They were accompanied by the Ukulele players from Ellesmere that played and sung some great tunes.  And Market Draytons very own Guitarist from "Prospect Road", (Sorry I didn't catch his name)



We then had to take off to visit the Red Lion and be entertained by a Flamenco guitarist. The quality in what he was playing was extraordinary.  Watching his fingers pluck and strum and walking the frets was mesmerising. I guess in an Arts Festival the opportunity has to be taken to present many varied forms and genres and that is certainly what has happened through this weekend.


It was then time to leave and make our way to the library (after we waited for the storm to pass).  Here we found a small auditorium had been created for the performance by Ghost Trains.  A great selection of songs and was great to here them "Stripped Back".  And what a great use of the Library, usually a place of quiet and study turned into a place of entertainment, brilliant..!

We are also members of the Whitchurch Photographic Society and were charged with removing the Photographic Exhibition at the Festival Drayton Centre.  We have had some lovely feedback on the quality of the pictures which is great after the members put so much effort into it.

And finally back to the Sandbrook Vaults to be entertained by Hickman and Quinn and the last beer of the weekend.

For us it has been a great experience and has created some great memories that we will talk about I am sure when we meet up with you.  The highlight I think has to be the youngsters in Seussical Jr "The Cat in the Hat" and the Tonks play "Blackout" the latter really gripping we with the story telling and interaction.

Hope you all have enjoyed it also and look forward to doing it all again..


Chris and Libby



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