CaLM photography Shropshire | 9th September Workshop

9th September Workshop

September 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hi all, well it has been a busy month with holidays and the Calverhall Family day which was a huge success..  So back to business..
Tomorrows workshop will hopefully see a few new comers join us at the AMICA Centre.  To accommodate this we intend to introduce the existing members who have been working on their camera skills to start working on their editing skills.  So Libby will be leading a workshop on this and hopefully build the blocks in a logical way that all can get a lot out of using their editing software..  Chris will welcome the newbies, explain the structure and set off on doing the camera skills sessions once again.  Off course all this will be after you have shown off your images..

Any new comer will have free entry for one night only..  Looking forward to meeting up again, seems ages ago since we last did..!!


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