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10stop Photography can now offer aerial  photography with the use of a 15m mast or an Unmanned 

Aircraft System, UAV (Drone).


The UAV is capable of getting to difficult places for inspections, such as rooves, chimneys, towers etc. which can negate the need to erect costly scaffolding.  We can also capture property photos for the wall or images and video for marketing purposes with estate agents.


BNUCS pilotsBNUCS pilots


Chris has completed all the relevant Pilot Qualifications to enable him to fly for commercial purposes.  This now means 10stop Photography have the relevant permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to carryout commercial work.





If you are interested in contracting us to carry out aerial work please bear in mind the following “rules”:

  • Any property or land must be under the control of the client.  If not, the client must help seek landowner permissions.  Chris is more than happy to discuss with relevant parties.
  • The UAV cannot be used in congested areas, i.e others property within 150m (50m in rural locations), unless permission has been given.
  • The UAV cannot be flown within an organised event where a large number of people will be congregated.



For further details please contact Chris to discuss your requirements 




CloverleyLdg-113CloverleyLdg-113 Egremont House-100Egremont House-100


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